Over the past 25 years, Pan American has developed projects at all levels of complexity, from raw land development to industrial and commercial product. Among these are distribution centers, office buildings, and retail shopping centers. Our implementation of land economics in our land developments has generated unique solutions to complex problems. From soil conditions to logistics corridors, our global approach has produced successful solutions and rewarding results. Our ability to generate the right tenant mix and consistent cost control demonstrates the expertise of our commercial development team.

Our in-depth experience putting together top teams of professionals for specific projects has given us the competitive edge in delivering the best product on time and on budget. We implement unique solutions to each project, taking advantage of all the positive attributes while solving the often complicated and overwhelming challenges. Long on experience and with a substantial positive track record, Pan American Companies is the proven team in real estate development.

Land as a Resource – Case Study

Pan American Companies established one of the first Mitigation Land Banks in Florida: the Reedy Creek Mitigation Bank. The Bank was created in a 3,500 acre pristine site in the Central Florida/Orlando area. Beginning as a clustered wetlands, the project was conceived, designed, developed, managed, and eventually sold by Pan American Companies. At completion, the land is conveyed at no cost to the State and delivered with a cash trust fund to maintain the land in perpetuity at no cost to taxpayers.

Due to its resounding success from both the environmental and business perspectives, this Mitigation Bank has become the model for true mitigation that also protects and preserves pristine and environmentally hyper-delicate natural settings in the State. This project is a perfect example of the prosperous, efficient, and resourceful public-private partnership we have delivered.

Investment Opportunities


Pan American Companies opens some of its projects to investment by individuals and investors comfortable with real estate development and ownership. We have a number of projects and investments, including but not limited to:

  • Raw land development
  • Acquisition of commercial and retail properties
  • Purchase of existing and mature properties for long-term hold

We are proud that in every single case, our investors realized reasonable and sometimes extraordinary rates of return. Our prudent and conservative investment philosophy has proven the right course over the long-term by focusing on reducing the risk to capital while maximizing upside. Whenever Pan American seeks investors, ownership invariably invests in its own capital, joining the investor pool in the risk/reward scenario.